Luke 12:35-48, 54-56

In this passage Jesus likens “being ready” to being a good steward. He even reveals His sliding scale of performance, “And from everyone who has been given much shall much be required“. As I try and process this story, characterized by incentives and disincentives, I think of Paul and wonder, if he were to be preaching to us in expository fashion on the Master’s words, “what would He have to say, given His personal revelations of grace?”. I wonder if He might expand more fully on the first verse, something like this;

Be dressed in readiness, and keep your lamps alight.”

“To those of you who have repented and been baptized for the forgiveness of your sins, Christ has become your righteousness. The attire required to attend His Wedding Feast is this very righteousness He has freely given to you. By grace you were introduced to faith. And by faith you have been justified before God and can now, clothed in His righteousness, stand continually and boldly in His holy presence with great joy. It is no longer about you and your performance. In fact, truth be known, you no longer live. You died and were buried with Christ. You have been raised from the dead with Christ and Christ now lives in you. Christ is now your very life.”

Later in this discourse, Jesus gets quite sober with the multitudes and says something to the effect; “You are great at predicting the weather based on your experience and observation, why then are you so dull in appreciating what is happening right now?”. I am uncertain precisely what Jesus was after but as I continue to filter His words through the revelation Jesus Himself gave Paul, I wonder if Paul would not add this point of clarification;

“Jesus used this story to highlight the impossibility of timing His return. You will best fulfill His command by not focusing on a future coming; but instead focusing on the fact that He has come. You will best stay vigilant, ready to open the door for the Master by keeping it fresh and clear in your understanding that you are, right now,  the temple of the Holy Spirit. His Holy Spirit resides in you. Your stewardship consists of the continual celebration of your favored status as sons and daughters of the Living God; of enjoying His presence and the intimate communion available from moment to moment.”

Father, to think that we have been invited to a feast that You have prepared and that You will personally serve is something we cherish. Just the anticipation and hope of this day causes our spirits to burn brighter. May You burn so bright within us that this world will take notice of You and awaken to the grand reality of this day; Today, which is the time for salvation. Amen.

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