2 Kings 6:8-23 One of the challenges for me in reading my bible and professing my belief in its divine inspiration and authority has been, quite frankly, the supernatural. It’s a challenge because the world of the bible seems filled with it and the world I live in doesn’t. Why is this?

I know many earnest saints believe the supernatural, miracles and the gifts of the Spirit are not functioning in this current dispensation. There is no inner tension for them when they encounter the supernatural in scripture and not in life because miracles were for then, not for now. For them, all is as it was intended. The world is functioning consistent with their expectation.

However, for many, myself included, I am inclined to believe that God is still willing and able to do miracles. I have decided the tension I feel when reading about miracles is the normal state of affairs for one being awakened. The key is how I relate to the tension.

If you track MwM, you have recently heard me say, “the Truth is in the tension”. Nothing could be more natural in our minds (that are hopefully being transformed) than tension between the temporal and the eternal. As we are endeavoring by faith to live in an invisible eternal kingdom, a collision with the visible and the temporary is inevitable.

The phrase that stands out to me most in this passage is, “Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them“. This was spoken by Elisha, a man who was practiced in seeing the bigger picture. While his attendant was seeing an overwhelming force and anticipating the worse, Elisha saw an even more overwhelming force and was at peace.

Was this an isolated event recorded to highlight, for our benefit, a long lost dispensation? Or, was it recorded to give us a picture of an even more solid reality that is just beyond the reach of our natural view which we are to acknowledge and relate to by faith?

One last question before we pray. We know Elisha asked for and received a double portion of Elijah’s anointing. As we consider, that Christ lives in us as the Holy Spirit, what multiple of Elijah’s anointing do you think we have? My prayer this morning is the same as Elisha’s;

Father, I pray that You would “open our eyes that we may see” and that we might assess the battle with new eyes; that we would discover a new fearlessness and boldness growing within our hearts as we discover You, the Lord over all, dwelling within us. Help us also to repent of our dependencies on logic and reason as our primary weapon against the threats that gather around us. Help us to see the victory You have won and the overwhelming army you have assembled that surround us even our most threatening circumstances. Amen.

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