John 11:17-44

When I read the scriptures, I am assuming they are God breathed. To me this has meant that the ideas and truths embedded there are coded with the DNA of eternal life. It has followed in my thinking that, as such, they are compatible with the DNA He has also breathed into us – when he made us His own offspring. So, there is more than just a credible history of God in scripture. I believe there are eternal realities within us the Spirit awakens when we partake of His Word. These were the first thoughts I had after reading the passage a few times. The next thoughts had to do with how similar our stories are with those described in this narrative. Within the scriptures there are echoes of ourselves.

In the following descriptors of God, which one seems incompatible with the others? God is; a) omniscient b) omnipotent. c) holy d) emotional. If you chose “d”, you are likely in good company. Are we conscious that the God who spoke galaxies into existence also has feelings? OK… If God has emotions, what are they and what triggers them?

As He was entering Bethany, Jesus was met by some who believed He was the Messiah and others who did not. Sadly though, both groups were of the opinion that the One who could have done something about their tragedy had failed to do so. This only added to the pain of His followers. Does this scenario sound familiar yet? The tears of believers can double in volume since their God, who could have prevented the pain in the first place, had not done so.

“Jesus wept” may be the shortest sentence in scripture but the revelation in it, that our God weeps with us, makes it one of the most precious. I believe what disturbed Jesus so deeply and eventually caused Him to cry was His acute awareness that our incomplete understanding of Him adds to our sorrow. He had come with a heart to reveal good news, not add sorrow on top of sorrow. I think it grieves God when we perceive He has shorted us in any way. I believe it deeply troubles Him when we perceive Him as “late” or as a “no-show”. That Jesus is a Man of sorrows who is well acquainted with grief endears Him to me as much as His transcendent nature.

This story gives me hope in another way. It reveals that God can also surprise us by being ahead of our expectations. Martha didn’t anticipate seeing her brother again until Resurrection Day. Instead she witnessed a miracle and saw her brother within the hour.

I think I do better in my walk of faith when I keep some timing issues in perspective, such as; *The days I will live on earth are numbered. The ones I will live in heaven are without number. *I ultimately have no control over time so I need to handle it very open-handedly. * There will be a Resurrection Day yet even today, regardless of my perception, is the Day of salvation –  (forgiveness, healing and deliverance).

Lord. that you have wept for us adds a new dimension of understanding to the intimacy of our relationship. May our hearts discover security and rest in Your compassions which are fresh each morning and will never fail. Amen.

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