Psalm 37:1-11

Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He will do it.

If I were to just take “this” psalm I might interpret “it” to be real estate, and material prosperity in general.

But the humble will inherit the land and will delight themselves in abundant prosperity.

How consistent with the Father’s heart it is to see His beloved and cherished children be radically blessed and prospered. I am convinced God aspires to see us make as great a return as possible over the longest period of time on the investment of the “talents” he has entrusted us with.

Who do you consider to be the wisest investor in scripture? Did your selection come from the Old Testament or the New Testament?

Another question we should ask ourselves in all earnestness,”What is the desire of my heart?

I am certainly drawn to the abundant prosperity of Abraham. He had land holdings, herds of livestock and tons of grandkids. Then… I am also attracted to a man like Paul who had lived under both covenants and had much to say about what it was he had been entrusted to invest and how he had invested it. As he revealed the returns he was anticipating, he also revealed what his target ROI (Return On Investment) or DOH (the Desire Of his Heart) was. As one who is also living under the New Covenant, I have always considered Paul a worthy investment counselor in both the area of “short” and “long term” investment.  Paul shows us the investment that is paying great dividends now and offering unlimited upside potential over time.

I will refer you to Philippians 3:7-21. Here Paul speaks of how he examines a balance sheet and what he considers assets and liabilities In Phil 3:1-7, he even describes how his thinking about investing dramatically changed. I am sure that if Paul could tell us who most influenced his investment strategies, he would refer us to Jesus who told us that the kingdom of God was going to be an overlooked opportunity that we should endeavor to acquire at all costs. Read Matthew 6:19-21,13: 31,32; 13:44 & 13:45 for Jesus’ advice.

As our portfolios are radically unbalanced toward Christ’s eternal kingdom, we can also borrow from David’s counsel in Psalm 37 in learning to draw dividends from eternity that we can enjoy even now. He reminds us that first and foremost, it must begin with us “delighting” our selves in Him and “trusting” in Him. We must also “commit our way to Him”. David also advises us to be patient investors – learn to hold on to the asset and never sell out; in short, learn to wait. He indicates that we will be tempted toward worry and jealousy as we see the sons of this temporal world earn what appears to be huge returns and reap extravagant windfalls. Along with David, Paul too encourages the long view. He suggests humbly resting in the unending benefits that will accrue to us as citizens of heaven. (Phil 3:20, Eph 2:19)

Father, win our hearts back from every thing we have given them to that will ultimately cause weeping and gnashing of teeth when we see the consequence of having invested our dreams and desires in this world. Show us where our hearts are divided and compromised and grant us repentance to transfer our love and affection back to You and to Your unending kingdom. Amen.

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