Between – Jeremiah 6:16

Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; and you shall find rest for your souls. Jeremiah 6:16

                           Cease striving (find rest) and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

Both of these verses are spoken in the context of God’s right and willingness to use His power and authority to bring desolation to nations (even His chosen one!) for their rebellious and unholy lives. I mentioned earlier this week that there has always seemed to be, at least for me, a tension between the God of the Old Testament and that of the New. The OT God was a Holy King and a Righteous Omnipotent Judge wielding discipline aplenty. The NT God was still Holy yet reluctant to judge and was far more approachable, to the extent that he was our Father.

It seems that in the Old Testament God was revealing the holiness of His nature and highlighting the impossible gulf between Himself and fallen humanity. The Old Testament was an incomplete yet essential part of what we had to know about God. It also exposed the human heart as incapable and unwilling to live in compliance to His ways.

The reason Jesus’ coming was good news is because He was the complete revelation of God to mankind. “He is the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of His nature” This NT God is approachable; He says, “Let the little children come to me“. It is worthy of continual heart celebration that Jesus came as a mediator (1 Tim 2:5-6) bridging the impossible gulf between His holiness and our disqualifying lack of it.

In my meditation regarding “Becoming” and looking into the concepts of ancient paths I am drawn back to the original thought that launched the Blue Book experiment which was the idea that much could be regained for our weary and busy souls in learning how to “wait on God” in our personal experience.

So, I am not drawn by today’s reflections back to the Old Covenant as the ancient path. However I am drawing upon an older, more established pathway of “rest” which I believe is the natural byproduct of obeying our straightforward command to “wait on God.” Waiting and resting are keynote themes of the Blue Book. I have been encouraged to learn the BB has served many to this end. So, even if our “waiting” is still (at this moment)  just a “pause”, take courage; we can start there and begin moving along a pathway of increasing rest. Try “pressing on to know the Lord” by taking even more steps of “waiting”. Our approachable God who invites us to draw near by simply recognizing the heart-to-heart reconnection He has established, is always saying,

Come to me little ones, no one is prohibiting you.

So, how do I know if I am fully availing myself of the costly gift that Christ is offering? My suggestion is that we ask ourselves if we are enjoying a continual heart-celebration in our union with Christ. Can we say with Jude (24) that…..

we are standing blamelessly in the presence of His glory with great joy?

Father, in your great patience and kindness, open our hearts to the marvelous opportunity you have given us to know You. Let us discover the “rest” you have provided. Let us each discover how inviting, how forgiving, how joyful and passionate You are. Let us become those who convey to the world just how secure Your children are as we rest in Your care and love. May our grace-filled hearts serve as a living appeal to this world of Your goodness. Without disregard to Your holiness, may our lives, in their joy and freedom, convey how approachable You are, dispelling any residual, incomplete, Old Testament impressions we have of You. Amen.


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