In Genesis, we see man evicted from the Garden and the ruling rights to the earth turned over to a fallen angel. Even so, we know God will one day reclaim it as His own. In this passage from Exodus we see God’s first move in the repossession of His property. He begins by honoring a two-part promise made to Jacob. The first part; that Israel would be great in number had happened, at least enough that they were deemed a national security threat to Egypt. The second part was that they would be a blessing to the whole earth. This promise had to be inconceivable to an enslaved and oppressed people. How audacious is God to begin this grand reclamation scheme with a single individual who took the time to investigate a supernatural sight – a burning bush.

That Moses was attracted to this miracle seemed to please God; “When the Lord saw that he turned aside to look (at the phenomena), God called to Him….“. From that point on Moses was an instrument of supernatural expression designed to confront the power (Egypt) that held Israel in slavery.

Even though Canaan is a small sliver of real estate God says it is a choice one, “good and spacious, a land flowing with milk and honey.” It just happened to be occupied by others who thought it was theirs (Canaanites, Hittites, etc). God was demonstrating something to us with Moses, the Exodus and Israel in their conquest of Canaan.

How will God ultimately reestablish dominion over the earth? Will he use angels? Will he use saints with new and glorified bodies received after a rapture? Whatever the plan, It is going to take a lot of power because there are forces, supernaturally powerful ones (Col 1:16) who have claimed it as theirs. I believe that God will be so audacious as to use His Bride – the Church to accomplish this task which was originally given to the first man and woman (Genesis 1:28).

Theologically speaking, some of you may be sensing “a disturbance in the force” right now. Many of us have been taught that the gospel will be preached to the whole earth and then “the end” will come, which (in Left Behind theology) is preceded by a rapture. Maybe. When these things play out is not etched in stone for me. I have decided to go with Jesus’ teaching that we are not going to know the timing of those things and to just expect God, who, I am assuming, is just as audacious as ever, to continue to do miracles through human beings and move forward with the increase in Kingdom government until it displaces every last trace of His enemy’s influence in the earth and it is completely reclaimed for His glory.

I have a growing picture in my mind of Christ revealing Himself to the world once more, not just in the clouds coming from the east, but in and through His people – the Church. What we think about ourselves, knowing ourselves (as we think we do), it seems inconceivable to that we could pull this off (bogged down, as we are, in the flesh and in committee). It also seemed impossible to Moses, to Pharaoh and to the nation of Israel that God would liberate an entire nation from captivity. But, he did.

Now to the King eternal who alone possesses immortality and dwells in unapproachable light….to Him be honor, glory and eternal dominion forever and ever. (1 Tim 1:16, 6:16)

Father, forgive us for, in any way, short-selling You or ourselves. Let our heart’s ambition and our prayers be committed to that day when “you bring to light what is the administration of the mystery which for ages has been hidden in You, who created all things; in order that Your manifold wisdom might now be made known through the church to the rulers and the authorities in the heavenly places.” We know that “this was in accordance with the eternal purpose which You carried out in Your Son.” Awaken us to see any burning bushes in our proximity; reawaken us to the supernatural and let us serve in taking dominion over the arenas of influence You have entrusted to us. Amen.


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