In this passage, God reveals himself through the foretelling of His servant Isaiah. The prophet declares a reversal of fortunes for Zion. The language is strong and certain. He vows, by His might and power, that Zion will one day enjoy a windfall. Where she views herself as forsaken and desolate, Isaiah indicates she will one day see herself in a whole different light. What will this look like?

These are the words Isaiah chooses; gloriously beautiful, royal, holy, desirable, an object of praise, worthy of God’s own rejoicing. How will this seemingly impossible thing come about? Isaiah chose the imagery of marriage to convey the answer. God’s might will culminate in intimacy, of the strength lovers enjoy. Consequently, that Bride, secure in her identity as his beloved, shall become a marvel in the earth and a crown of glory to God Himself. How could this come about? Recall yesterday’s post based on Isaiah 30:15.

In repentance and rest you shall be saved, in quietness and trust is your strength.

The heart that becomes conditioned in grace has discovered that a feast has been prepared. Learning to be with God is our feast. Intimacy with God is a gift but we must learn to recognize it and partake.

Many devout souls have been conditioned to believe it’s a professional’s job to prepare the meal and serve it up once or twice a week in a sermon or homily. Sadly, this idea has lead many into complacency. The door into the Holy of Holies is wide open. Complacency is out of place in this space. A stronghold needs to be taken down. Intimacy is not just the bread of the well educated or select mystics. It is the inheritance of the redeemed. Intimacy is simply what Father wants with his children and has provided in Christ.

Father, cause our hearts to see Your nearness and your goodness, for Your name’s sake. Amen



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